Key Election Dates for Virginia

  • Jun 23 - Congressional Primary 06/23/2020 true Virginia Congressional Primary Virginia
  • Sep 18 - Early Voting Start Date 09/18/2020 true Virginia Early Voting Start Date Virginia
  • Sep 19 - Absentee Ballot Start Date 09/19/2020 true Virginia Absentee Ballot Start Date Virginia
  • Oct 15 - Voter Registration Deadline 10/15/2020 true Virginia Voter Registration Deadline Virginia
  • Oct 23 - Absentee Ballot Request Deadline 10/23/2020 true Virginia Absentee Ballot Request Deadline Virginia
  • Oct 31 - Early Voting End Date 10/31/2020 true Virginia Early Voting End Date Virginia
  • Nov 03 - *Absentee Ballot Return Deadline 11/03/2020 true Virginia *Absentee Ballot Return Deadline Virginia

Polling Locations | Hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. | Universal non-photo ID Required

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*Absentee ballot return deadline refers to the date a ballot must be postmarked

We are continuously monitoring ever-changing dates and procedures. Updates are made once information is available.

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