Texas Bankers Association Launches Media Campaign Alerting Borrowers to the Availability of PPP Funds

Congress reauthorized the Paycheck Protection Program in December as part of the latest $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill. The legislation set aside over $280 billion to help small businesses stay afloat throughout the pandemic and state bankers associations continue to provide resources and information to banks that are helping small business owners navigate the program and apply for new funding.

To raise awareness about the PPP program, the Texas Bankers Association recently launched radio ads in English and Spanish in the Houston, Dallas and Rio Grande Valley markets. In addition to the radio ads, TBA’s outreach includes traditional print media and utilizing social media platforms to encourage small businesses to contact their local banks to find out if they qualify for the new round of PPP funds. TBA received earned media, including radio and television interviews. View the campaign.

“TBA member banks—particularly our community banks—know their neighbors are in need and are working hard to provide additional support,” says Texas Bankers Association President and CEO Chris Furlow. “Now more than ever, Texas banks and our community bankers are here to help.”

The new round of PPP program expires on March 31 or when the appropriated $284 billion in funding runs out.